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I have been eating Kraft Mac n cheese for as long as I can remember. I have noticed the rapid decline in quality throughout the last few years.

I stayed faithful however. Tonight, I decided to make a box, and I could tell that the noodles were smaller and thinner. When it finished cooking it looked and tasted like cheesy spaghetti. Needless to say I was not happy with it's texture and threw it away.

By looking at the picture you can clearly see it's stringy texture. I don't know if I would eat Kraft again, if what I keep buying looks like this.

Why skimp and cut corners if what made you so great in the first place is no longer great. Sincerely disappointed

Product or Service Mentioned: Kraft Macaroni And Cheese Dinner Pasta.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Me too! The noddles are smaller AND they don’t get bigger after boiling.


I concur wholeheartedly. I made a box (bought a 12 pack) and only ate a few bites before tossing it.

A pasty waste of money. My daughter (who has a very undiscerning palate) won't even eat it.


I don't eat Kraft mac and cheese often, but I do remember what it used to taste like. After having a serving a few months ago I could definately tell a difference and not for the better.

I thought that perhaps I didn't follow the instructions properly, but since then have had the opportunity to prepare it on a number of occasions. I decided that they must have changed the recipe for the worse. I looked it up online and found an article saying that Kraft change their macaroni and cheese recipe and nobody noticed.

Well, I noticed and it now tastes terrible! I don't expect them to change the recipe back, I just want them to know that they screwed up and there is no reason to give themselves high-fives over this one.


The taste is very bland now. Not like years ago. It used to be delicious.


The smaller noodles are horrible. Kraft, are you listening?????


any smaller and you would need microscope to see them in the box.


Yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Even my sister said it doesn't taste the same.

A while back they changed the cheese from powder to a granual substance. Now the quality if the noodles has changed as well as they are either too chewy or too soggy and when mixed has the look and consistency of scrambled eggs. I have made better with store brands and I will not pay more for this garbage.

A lot of Kraft products like Miracle Whip and their salad dressings have a gummy artificial taste that l can't get past. If this is the way Kraft is going I will be avoiding their products like the plague.


Kraft dinner was my favorite since I was a kid.

I could eat it day in, day out and during rough times of my life, ate it every day.

They changed it a couple or 3 years ago and it has an aftertaste like moldy hay bales.

This includes all varieties such as spirals, white cheddar, 3 cheese, etc.

They must have some real stupid sob's working at kraft.

And they want $21.00 a case....these idiots have no shame


Why don't you learn to cook? Are you really so trashy that you have to make boxed Mac and cheese?