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You like it so much you eat the sh*t! After 42 yrs and aprox.

10,220 boxes of mouth watering mac & chez I'm not listening to you OR the snot nosed eight year old on how terrific the taste still is. We never ate this stuff because we thought it was the next big health craze , we ate it because it made our mouths water like Pavlovs dogs! Now as an adult I'm supposed to ignore my own taste buds and listen to that snot nosed eight year old that it tastes the same?

Would you guys by a car because an eight year old told you how great it was ? I dont think so , you're all full of BS~

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I could not possibly agree more!!!! Stop trying to save everyone from themselves!!!

BRING BACK THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL!!! Still having the Original on the boxes of slop that you call new and improved is BULLS**T.

Keep the new, no preservative slop for everyone that wants to live forever. Bring back the Original stuff that actually tastes good for those of us that are smart enough to practice 'everything in moderation.'

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